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Reading and Listening

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Engler, Balz. Reading and Listening: The Modes of Communicating Poetry and their Influence on the Texts. The Cooper Monographs, 30. Berne: Francke, 1982. Out of print.  3-7720-1546-8

Note: * in the text refers to long notes in the Notes section. Sources are also indicated there. If you need information now please write to the author.

Preface, 9 Text
1 Introduction, 13 Text
2 Text and Experience, 17 Text
3 The Text as Evidence, 24 Text
4 Sounds and Shapes, 29 Text
5 Aural Poetry, 38 Text
6 Visual Poetry, 45 Text
7 Sound and Silence: Historical Perspectives, 53 Text

   Notes to chapters 1-7
8 An Experiment in Reading: Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess", 67

9 Exploding Meanings: On the Poetry of G. M. Hopkins

10 Luminous Details: On the Poetry of Ezra Pound, 90

11 Reading and Listening: Conclusion, 106

, 133
Index, 143

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