English Studies in Europe I - Balz Engler

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English Studies in Europe I

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European English Studies: Contributions towards the History of a Discipline. Ed. by Balz Engler and Renate Haas (Leicester: The English Association for ESSE, 2000)  0-900232-23-4  Order
     > Volume II

Preface, i-ii
Writing the European History of English Studies
- Balz Engler, 1
National Surveys
Southern Europe
A Very Old Alliance? An Introduction to English in Portugal - Martin A. Kayman, 13
Notes for a History of English Studies in Spain - Tomas Monterrey, 33
'English' in Italy: a Problematic fortuna - Franco Marenco, 53
Western Europe
English Studies in France - Imelda Bonel-Elliott, 69
English Studies: The Dutch Experience - Pieter Loonen, 89
Northern Europe
Some Aspects of the History of English Studies in Norway - Arthur O. Sandved, 103
The History of English Studies in Denmark - Jorgen Erik Nielsen, 123
Central Europe
English University Studies in Austria: an In(n)sider's Report - Manfred Markus, 143
Masters and Teachers: English Studies in Poland - Krystyna Kujawinska-Courtney, 161
The History and the Present State of English Studies in the Czech Republic - Josef Hladky, 183
The History and the Present State of English Studies in Slovakia - Jozef Olexa, 191
English Studies in Slovenia - Meta Grosman, 201
South-Eastern Europe
Seventy Years of English Studies in Serbia (1929-1999), a Brief Survey - Radmila B. Sevic, 215
The History of English Studies in Romania - Eugenia Gavriliu, Horia Hulban, Ecaterina Popa, 231
English Studies in Bulgaria - Alexander Shurbanov, Christo Stamenov, 267
European Case Studies
1848 and German English Studies/German Philology - Renate Haas, 293
Vilém Fried: English Studies in Migration - Helmut Schrey, 313
The Birth and Growth of ESSE: Some Personal Recollections - Hans-Jürgen Diller, 323
European Perspectives
Englishness and English Studies
- Balz Engler, 335
European Survey: Parameters and Patterns of Development - Renate Haas, 349
Contributors, 373
Index, 381

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