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Pets we had at various times:
Jessy (r.i.p.)
Müsli (r.i.p.), Sophie (r.i.p.), (Sassi)Caia (r.i.p.), Mao (r.i.p.), Sidi (r.i.p.), Peter (r.i.p.), Noah (r.i.p.), Mia (r.i.p.), Susi (*2008), Figo (r.i.p.)


Yes, that's me.

Various (largely due to our daughter Lina)
a rabbit, Anggebliemli
(r.i.p.); 2 rats, Wassili and Vanja (r.i.p.); 100 stick insects, Hamlet and 99 others (r.i.p.); a turtle, Louise von Topf (r.i.p.); 2 Australian ghost locusts, Ophelia and Parcival (r.i.p.); 6 Yellow belly toads (r.i.p.--they ate each other up before being named); a scorpion, Arracor (r.i.p.); 3 shrimps (r.i.p.); a lizard, Elena Augustin Baumstrumpf (r.i.p.); 24 mice, all had names (r.i.p.); two hamsters, Martin and N.N. (r.i.p.); 3 guinea pigs, Donald, Leo, Lola (r.i.p.).

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